Election Signs

Election Sign By-law

On April 3, 2018, Council of the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville passed By-law 2018-050-RE, as amended, to regulate election signs. To view the Election Sign brochure, click here.

General Rules for Placement of Election Signs

Residential and Private property

Election Signs are permitted on a residential boulevard and private property provided that:

  • Consent of the owner/occupant is obtained; and
  • They do not impede the safe operation of traffic or impair the safety of pedestrians.

Election Signs shall not:

  • Have flashing lights or rotating parts;
  • Be illuminated;
  • Simulate any traffic sign or other sign that directs traffic;
  • Use words such as “stop”, “look” or “danger”, which may mislead or confuse traffic; or
  • Be attached in any manner to any utility box, planter, bench, railing, retaining wall or similar object which has been placed on municipal property.

Registered Third Parties

Election Sign rules apply to both candidates and registered third parties. In addition, signs placed by registered third parties must include:

  • The name of the registered third party;
  • The municipality where the third party is registered; and
  • A telephone number, mailing address, or email address to contact the registered third party.

Position and size

  • Election Signs must not be located within 10 metres (32.81 feet) of another Election Sign for the same candidate;
  • No larger than 1.49 square metres (16 square feet) - maximum height of 1.22 metres and maximum width of 1.22 metres (4 feet x 4 feet); and
  • No higher than 2 metres (6.56 feet) off the ground on municipal property.


  • Election Signs shall not be located on any centre median, centre boulevard, roundabout or traffic island;
  • Must be located a minimum of 1 metre (3.28 feet) from the outer edge of a sidewalk; or
  • A minimum of 1 metre (3.28 feet) from the outer edge of a curb or shoulder, where there is no sidewalk.

Intersection visibility

  • Election Signs are prohibited to be placed within a Daylighting Triangle of any intersections, measured 5 metres (16.4 feet) along the street from the point of intersection of the street lines. (See diagram).
  • Election Signs must meet all other safety requirements
Intersection Visibility Diagram

Public Parks & Municipal Property

Election Signs are not permitted in any park, building or structure owned, operated or controlled by the Town or on the adjacent highway.

Voting Place

Election Signs shall not be placed on a property used during an advance vote or on election day at a voting place. The entire property, including the parking lot, is deemed a voting place when used during an election. Election Signs may not be placed on a highway adjacent to voting places on or in a vehicle which is visible from the outside of the voting place.


Frequently Asked Questions:

All questions about the Election Sign By-law should be directed to Municipal Law Enforcement. They can be reached at 905-640-1900 x 2229.

For municipal elections, Election Signs may be erected on September 26, 2022 (28 days prior to Election Day) and must be removed no later than October 27, 2022 (3 days following Voting Day).

A mandatory Election Sign fee of $267 must be paid prior to erecting Election Signs.

Election Signs are stored at the Town’s Operations Centre, 5061 Bethesda Road for the duration of the election period. They can be picked up anytime after the Election (beginning October 27, 2022) between
8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. To arrange pick-up of a sign, please contact Municipal Law Enforcement. Signs in storage may be destroyed after November 23, 2022 (30 days following Voting Day).

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